Retail Services

We provide retail coverage and support for our principals in customers
whose purchasing is done outside the market.

Key Benefits

• Focused Coverage
• Product knowledge
• Company responsiveness


Winn Dixie Coverage
      We provide reset, implementation, new item rollout, and maintenance
coverage for this customer.
Super Valu Coverage
      We provide reset and retail coverage for this customer.
Wal-Mart Coverage
      We are involved with the "Dixie Cluster" of Wal-Mart.  We provide:
retail coverage; Key regional management contact; survey, display, &
scan-down sales effort; traded/not traded follow-through; and support for
Retail Link.

Reference Accounts

Chinet @ Winn Dixie
      Dunbar Sales was the first broker the achieve 97% distribution
when Chinet was reintroduced @ Winn Dixie.

Red Diamond @ Winn-Dixie
      Completed new distribution blitz in 3 weeks in stores
comprising Montgomery, Atlanta, and Hammond divisions.