We provide full service retail coverage of our customers

Key Benefits

      • Our retail people are not overburdened in terms of SKU's or by company
      • We use only our full time personnel insuring maximum professionalism
         and effectiveness for principal and customer.
      • If we are a factor in a category, we set the section.


Retail Attention
      Our retail people can touch every product on every call.
Retail Penetration
      We call on more independents that anyone else.  This increases our potential
for incremental sales and distribution.
Filling Voids at Retail
      Because the above we have a strong track record on filling voids for mature
accounts we newly represent.
Survey Sales
      We run surveys in all our independents on a continuous basis.
Store Sets
      We attend 100% of the sets in our market.  We use only full time personnel to
provide fully informed and experienced service.

Reference Accounts

Zatarain's Voids
We filled 1264 voids in the first 6 months we represented this account.  Reset 729
sections in 534 stores.

Sunshine Mills
Reversed 6 years of continuous decline in sales for this Principal.  We are +9% year
to date.

Sunshine Mills - new items
Our control in the dry dog food category enabled us to establish
full sections on dog treats, adding up to 25 items from Sunshine.

Retail Sales